Witches and Witchcraft

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Are they real? Are they to be feared or ignored? Must today's church be concerned in America? What does the Bible have to say about Witches and Witchcraft? Is there another name for the aforementioned? CM


  • C McC Mc Posts: 3,969

    Witches and Witchcraft

    A witch is controlled by the spirit of a fallen angel. Is it possible that a witch is powerful enough to change someone’s course of life? Can involvement in occult activities destroy someone’s spiritual and emotional life or are they just harmless past-times?

    Why is that witchcraft seems to be directed at a person? How can a person get magical powers and witchcraft practices? These and other questions needs to be answered the understand the forces that opposes Christians and Christianity. CM

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    A witch is controlled by the spirit of a fallen angel.

    Where does this assumption come from? The translation "angel" of a word which simply means "messenger" misleading and giving a false idea? Are there even "FALLEN angels" (i.e. can angels "fall [sin, rebel]" ? If so, who is to say that those assumed supposedly "good angels" now won't at some time also "fall" ?? A big re-think on "angels" seems necessary ...

    And - in connection with that - it is needed to correctly understand the meaning of the word "spirit(s)" ... for example, is "spirit" (a) an acting independent individual living being (such is thought of in connection with "evil spirit => fallen angel" ideas), or (b) not a living being but a "thing" (as connected with attitude, character, thoughts, invisible) ??

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