VP Pence: Coward or Crazy As a Fox?

Is Veep Pence afraid of his shadow or is he waiting on the Senate to impeach Trump, without dirtying his hands, to be President for a few days and pardon Trump and same face among Republicans? CM


  • WolfgangWolfgang Posts: 3,369

    Is Veep Pence afraid of his shadow or is he waiting on the Senate to impeach Trump, without dirtying his hands, to be President for a few days and pardon Trump and same face among Republicans?

    and your take on the matter would be?

    DO you still think that the USA has two parties called "Democrats" and "Republicans"? Or do you realize that thee two parties are actually "global elites" (quite deeply rooted in both "donkey" & "elephant") and "freedom loving US American people" (already quite enslaved by the elites?

  • C McC Mc Posts: 3,969

    Reformed said: "Neither"

    What good was VP Pence? He didn't speak up for himself or call Trump into check. He could have invoked the 25th amendment and pardon Trump. I guess Pence was "good for nothing". “If you don't stand for somethingyou will fall for anything.” —Alexander Hamilton

    I guess Pence will be remembered for what he didn't do. I am sorry his own party "hates" him. Maybe he can become a Democrat, especially, since Wolfgang questioned that "USA has two parties". CM

  • reformedreformed Posts: 3,132

    There was no reason to invoke the 25th amendment. Speak up for himself for what exactly? The party does not hate Pence. You are delusional.

  • C McC Mc Posts: 3,969

    Reformed said:

    The party does not hate Pence.

    "The vice president has no obvious place in GOP electoral politics". Hey, don't take my words. See below:

    "Mike Pence publicly defied the president once in four years, and for that solitary show of independence, his own political future could be all but finished.

    "The vice president’s swift journey from acolyte to outcast was head-spinning. This is someone who would pause after mentioning Donald Trump’s name during an address so that the audience had time to clap—and who would then stand silently at the lectern when it didn’t. Editing Pence’s speeches, aides would cut references to Trump when they didn’t believe there was any reason to mention him. Reviewing the changes, Pence would take his Sharpie and add Trump’s name back in, a former Trump-administration official told me.

    "The hardest core of the Trump crowd is going to turn on him—and Trump is going to make sure that they do,” Doug Heye, a former Republican National Committee spokesperson, told me.

    "This week, Pence offered Trump one last act of service, rejecting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s call for him to invoke the Twenty-Fifth Amendment and bounce the president from office. But come January 20, he’ll be in the same position as he was after the Capitol riot: out in the cold.

    The handwriting is on the wall. READ THE FULL article:

    Now, Mr. Reformed, who is "delusional?" CM

  • C McC Mc Posts: 3,969

    Mr. Reformed,

    Do you remember these words and this person? How soon we forget?

    I thought somethings would change with the years. To my chagrin you are the same. Is this true in other aspects of your life? What does this say of the Christianity that you profess?

    Mr. Reformed,

    Your name calling is like wine and cheese. They both are aged and fermented. They appear to be of value, but in reality, not fit for human consumption. At one point, I thought you couldn't help yourself, but it appears that your behavior, in these forums, are deliberate. You seem to have perfected your name-calling over the years, provoked or not. This is not nice or a compliment. Your word choice is not good. It's sad and pathetic!

    One wonders how praise of God and belittlement, for fellow brothers, can come out of the same mouth. I hope you don't speak in home the way you speak in these forums. If so, it's a sad place for a spouse and any little one to endure. Your name-calling belongs on the streets among those who don't know Christ for the pardoning of their sins.

    Even your own words of apology are hallowed. They are as attractive as roadkill on a hot Arizona highway. May I encourage you to represent yourself, Christianity, and family better on these forums, moving forward. The day you hear The Spirit's Voice to change, harden not your heart. Change your behavior in these forums or change your forum handle name from "Reformed" to something else. Failure to change your behavior, you're contributing or if not creating a "toxic environment". Time moves on, but your behavior stood still. Do better be better. CM

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