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Is it just me or has conversation around here just died?


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    I wonder what we can do to help attrack more active forum members here? I believe that there are currently only five or six members who post here regularly. There used to be a few more members but they have moved on, some to one particular Christian forum I am aware of.

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    @Mitchell said:

    I wonder what we can do to help attrack more active forum members here?

    I've tried on Facebook, and at least one new member has just arrived from the Facebook fan page:

    I still need to answer to him. Let's give him a good welcome.

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    One, of the members who left this forum David T I believe mentioned the other forum (ChristForums) where he had gone to, and a few other former users of this forum have join it.

    What's different?

    (1) It's designed to appeal 'mainly' to an American conservative Calvinistic mind set. (Protestants, Orthodox, Catholic, holding other theological views) are welcomed and anyone else can join.

    (2) Conservative Politically (but almost entirely focused on American politics)

    (3) It has a statement of faith

    (4) It's treads are moderated and guidelines are enforced

    (5) Debates are formal, strickly moderated and between two people only and when finnished anyone else can join.

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    @reformed said: "Is it just me or has conversation around here just died?"

    CM said: No, not really. Everyday of no post doesn't means the users of these forums have lost interests or have move on to other forum sites. I would suggest you allow yourself a broader scope of thinking than you have previously done:

    1. No one is obligated to stay at this site to the exclusion of all others. Each poster commitment, though varied, is voluntary. This is not a prison/jail or cyber cult. One is free to share between this site and other forums in cyberspace. This site, when it comes to the Bible and views of God, is more reflective of the real-world thoughts, attitudes, approaches, and unfortunately, sometimes, behaviors. This is not all bad. Everyone on planet earth (population -- approx. 7 billion) is not a Christian. How do you relate and share Christ with others who don't hold your views, interests or the Bible? This site is a microcosm of the larger world. Christianity is about outreach and relating to people unlike yourself. All religious programming are not limited to Christian radio, TV or websites.
    2. One's commitment is one of personal interest, knowledge and availability. The relationships built over the miles and time will be a ruling factor. The relationships are more of friendship than a marriage.
    3. Availability is a factor one shouldn't overlook. Given the vicissitudes of life, time zones, and domestic responsibilities, it will put limits on ones quality and frequency of his posting pattern.
    4. Let's keep in mind that one's ability to respond accurately, intellectually, practically, and meaningfully to the plethora of posts may required one to spend more time to study, reflect, make closer comparisons, and clarify one's positional evolvement.
    5. It could be that one has lost interest in all forums and postings.
    6. One could have a broken computer or has lost internet services. You just don't know.
    7. The amount of categories and posts (past and present) are enough to keep CD alive for many years to come.
    8. Some regular posters maybe back-reading old posts to bring forth new ideas or views.
    9. Every silent moment on these forums doesn't have to be filled with "endless chatter" or e-ink. "Silence is golden". Just because no one is posting, it doesn't mean people have lost interests, gone away, or is disgruntle. There are silent readers. Some regular posters are spending a little more time reading to add meaning and depth to their future posts.

    The Grass is always greener on the other side:

    A cow believes this. Most of the time you would see his head through the fence. Let's suspend with the cow mentality and understand that we have just as much good "stuff" here at CD. Stop looking at other forums and longing eyes with forum-envy. We have what they have and more. We must learn to appreciate what we have avoid "keeping up with the Joneses" of Christian Forums. This makes as much sense as watching your neighbors and desiring to be like them. Their relationship, experiences, time together, commitment and world views are different from yours. So it is with CD and other "Christian Forums".

    CD is a trend-setter and the envy of Christian Forums online. It's so sad, some of the regular users don't seem to know this. Many of our topics are copied and used in other forums. Unfortunately, they don't have the authenticity of expressions and passion to explore with diversity of real-world grit.

    How to attract new users? Consider the following. Some points are similar to attracting a mate:

    1. How to make friends? He who wants friends must be friendly.
    2. Love who you are, first, and what you have.
    3. Be receptive to others and their contributions.
    4. Be respectful and appreciate others and their gifts.
    5. Don't be so "heavenly minded and no earthly good".
    6. Share points of common interests.
    7. Don't agree on everything all the time. It makes one of you unimportant.
    8. Affirm one another's views and approaches when you can do so sincerely.
    9. Be willing to explore, so-called, established issues, taboos, traditions or long held views.
    10. Be willing to learn something new directly or indirectly.
    11. Have faith in God and Jesus, the Christ, as Lord and Savior.
    12. Take time to be reflective of posts.
    13. Read your Bible!
    14. Invite other authors and scholars into the conversation, in person, and/or by way of quotes and citing of references.
    15. Never compromise on biblical principles.
    16. Allow the Bible to be the ultimate authority to summarize or to conclude any discussion or "debate".

    It needs to be stated boldly. CD is not without guidelines. It's not an online "Wild Wild West". The regular users have concluded that it is best to exercise self-discipline than to have an online cyber-overlord. Some are yet too embrace this freedom of self-control, but they are getting there. Others have seen the errors of there ways and are now an example to others, in practice. One's full beauty is not seen in infancy, but over time through maturing growth. The full potentials of CD is yet to manifest herself to warm hearts from the Spring-sun and quench one's thirst as an "empty pitcher, before a full fountain".

    It is my hope that CD should never prostitute herself to attract new users. She's to remain chase in her openness and ever to seek, quality over quantity. If Jesus were on earth, in the flesh, I am sure; this is the site, he would post the most.

    Jan has been skilled in his labors; sacrificial in his giving of time and means; faithful in his efforts; mature and fair in his rulings; protective in his oversight; patience in her growth; reflective of her past and hopeful of her future. Thank you, Jan! CD is here to stay! CM

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    Thanks @C_M_ for your commitment! Yes, CD is here to stay, in the spirit of the original

    Although I don't believe that Jesus would post here the most (he might be a lot more active reaching to the lost in Muslim forums, leftist forums, gay forums etc.) CD still fills a unique niche, and allows for discussions that in other places would not easily be possible due to overly strict moderation.

    Even Premier, who would up until recently allow such discussions in their comments, have recently disabled commenting entirely.

    Some Facebook groups do allow a lot of free speech, like CD does, but of course they are still dependent on the general FB community rules, and a FB censorship team made up mostly of SJWs.

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    I appreciate and applaud your work in and passion for the CD forums you have built and maintain, Jan. Thank you.

    @Jan said:

    Although I don't believe that Jesus would post here the most (he might be a lot more active reaching to the lost in Muslim forums, leftist forums, gay forums etc.)

    Do you think Jesus could also find "lost" people to reach in Christian forums, rightist forums, straight forums, etc. ?

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    How do you figure CD is "the envy of other Christian forums"? How do you figure we have more here than other forums? What are you basing this on? What other forums do you actively participate in to make such a declaration?

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