Who Can Forgive Sins?

Look around the forums, we know what is/are sin(s). We know that we must confess our sins. Much have been said on the subject matter of forgiveness. e.g. A story of forgiveness in Luke 7:26-50. CD Users make it clear, even if you think you have done it in the past:

  1. To whom does the Bible said can forgive us our sins?
  2. Can Jesus forgive sins? If so, is it Jesus alone?
  3.  Has God gifted or empowered anyone else to forgive sins?
  4. Is it possible for one to qualify to forgive sins?
  5. Where should one go to be forgiven of sins?

The answers to these questions are important to the Christian walk, practical in giving assurances and having a peace-of-mind. How readeth thou? CM


  • As for God forgiving our sins, only He can do that for us, and Jesus Christ, since Jesus is God.

    No one can be forgiven of their sins unless they go through Jesus.

    Jesus allowed his apostles to forgive sins during the laying of the foundation.

    We are to forgive those who sin against us.

    After we are saved, we have to forgive others their sins against us in order for us to be forgiven of the sins we commit.

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