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The call was persistent,

Not loud and forceful but a quiet whisper

Heard in the everyday,

During the blur of sounds from the television,

Standing quietly, behind the layers of images and messages open on the desktop,

There, between the columns of black and white.

Again, a whisper, a drawing.

But always tasks demanding action,

Responsibility weighing down,

Distractions at my fingertips,

I must, I should, I will.

But there again,

A feeling of something Greater,

Of a Goodness and a Purpose.

I listen.

I make a choice

To break from the everyday.

A change of scene now,

And the whisper is more purposeful. I listen again.

My feet wet in the grainy sand,

I step out,

Pushing away from the shore

Into the sunshine.

Sitting in the boat,

Warmth on skin,

Sails catching breezes.

The water stretching out around us,

Golden flakes dusted over it all

As the sun gently reaches out to touch us.

The whisper now strong,

Yet the message is gentle,

Almost an emotion that I am breathing.

“I am here.

I made this for you.

You belong.”

The vastness of the open space, the water;

Quite challenging.

Yet the authentic beauty of it all,

Calming to my soul.

Away from the world built up for myself,

Near to God in His space,

Catching a glimpse of His perfection,

Of a Peace within,

This sense of belonging.

Golden hues, golden warmth

Catch it, hold it.

Keep on sailing,

Breezes soft,

Take us on. 

A breath of fresh air and a vacation without travel. CM

Source: By Georgina Hobson -- writes from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland

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