Roman Catholic Church: Multimillion-Dollar ($27.5 million) Settlement in Sex-Abuse Case

Brooklyn Diocese Reaches Multimillion-Dollar Settlement in Sex-Abuse Case

Agreements total $27.5 million; church worker was convicted in 2011 of sex crimes

By Corinne Ramey-- Updated Sept. 18, 2018 10:02 p.m. ET

Four men who said they were abused by a church worker as children will receive a total of $27.5 million as part of a settlement with the Diocese of Brooklyn, in what the victims’ lawyers say is among the largest U.S. awards paid to individual victims of Catholic Church-related abuse.

The men each will receive $6.875 million, said lawyers Peter Saghir and Ben Rubinowitz, who represented the unidentified men. The money will be paid by the diocese and an unnamed after-school program, the lawyers said.

Here we go again! The Catholic Church Sexual Abuse and Big Money Payout. Not discussing it, putting one's head in the sand, or waiting for Pope Francis to get around to it, will prove to be complicit. This behavior and attitude only give the RCC and Pedophile Priests greater opportunities to molest more children and payout hush monies. Why do the American society and members of the Catholic Church put up with this systematic defiling of America's children under the name of religion? It's has become a turnstile routine-- molest and pay-- is cancer on society. Money seems to be no problem for the RCC, little or no prosecutions, and therefore, the molesting goes on. The greatest sum paid out [a total of $27.5 million] recently, but there is no halt in identifying and removing Pedophile Priests. I thought I would never see the day when a religious institution takes the lead in immorality and society hums along as business as usual. God, how do you allow the sun to show its face to such blatant sin and shame? Where is the end? CM


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