Funny moments in church?

Do you recall any moments in church where you needed to split your sides laughing and could not? Situations that got out of hand and the harder you tried to keep from laughing the worse it got?

Once during a Christmas program a kid thought he would jazz up the carol with his trumpet. He tried using beat syncopation and arpeggios. But he was in over his head. And the harder he tried the more of a mess he made of the song. It wasn't too long and our row was in stitches - inwardly. While he swaggered and blew spit from the trumpet, waiting to take another run at it, we writhed in anticipation trying not to laugh. Eventually the kid's grandpa started laughing and our gasping for air, unable to breath in our contorted state, gave way to a really good laugh including the kid.

Another time the bell choir was about to begin ringing out a tune. Someone said "I wish I had a pea shooter". And it was all over. Another one of those times you wish an antidote for laughter would cross your mind.

Kids with squirt guns in shoulder holsters under their top coats...etc, etc.

Any stories?


  • Dave_L
    Dave_L Posts: 2,362

    Have you ever seen someone make change from the offering plate?

    Guitar music and knee slapping country hymns in an ultra conservative setting? While the organist glared daggers at the singer?

    A guy passing out Calvinist tracts in an Arminian Church.....?

    a preacher throwing in the sponge and walking out of the pulpit in the middle of his Sunday morning sermon?

    Seen it with my own eyes....

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