"Intercessory prayer": Relevant or Passé ("pass-AY,")?

C Mc
C Mc Posts: 4,463
  1. What is it?
  2. Is it something popular today or passé?
  3. If you pray for a person and don't tell them, would he or she experience what you prayed for and how would you know if your prayers were answered?
  4. Are there principle elements to "Intercessory Prayer"? Are there biblical examples to share?
  5. What are some good books, articles you would recommend on the topic of "Intercessory Prayer"?
  6. Do you what author or authors immersed in this subject worth perusing?
  7. Does "Intercessory Prayer" requires a group? Is it best done alone?
  8. Is it possible for one who is praying, to include him or herself into an "Intercessory Prayer"?
  9. Does one have to be away from the person or situation for it to be true Intercessory Prayer?

What say ye? CM

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