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hello and greeting all thank you for inviting me to your form, very interesting subject please I am not religious, but I have an open mind love is all I know

sorry I have some questions, about scriptures and doctrines


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    @TheWordIsOne posted:

    sorry I have some questions, about scriptures and doctrines

    Welcome to the forums.

    If you have questions or comments about Scripture and/or doctrines, please feel free to express them in your posts. Given the small number of active posters (of whom I used to be one), there's no guarantee that you will receive responses, but it might be worth your time to test the proverbial waters with a post or two.

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    It is my custom when I am here, and a new person joins to do what I can to welcome all. I, personally, would like to welcome you to Christian Debate. Albeit, some may deem it's too late. As you can see, there are plenty of categories to choose from. Some have made quite a splash with comments and new threads. Some are stimulating, controversial, and provocative. You will find posts that require new thoughts and study. You don't have to be "religious," just curious or want to know for better understanding. I would check in more often now that many of my life's challenges show signs of manageability. So, please, ask your questions or state your point of view on a matter listed here or one in your life's circle. An open mind is a fertile mind to be enlightened and challenged through the Word of God (the Bible). Enough of us (albeit a few for now) is worth sharing perspectives and asking what's on your heart. We value your secular-biblical-religious inquisitiveness.

    From a cursory look, you will see many more threads to leave comments on. Some are with many, a few, and others are with none at all. With their varieties, I am sure these forums are enough to accommodate your interests, satisfy your curiosity, challenge your intellect, and stimulate more significant insights. Don't let the date of a post stop you. If the thread is opened, you can leave a comment, even if the person is inactive. Your thoughts may add a fresh perspective and value to the topic.

    I hope you're taking advantage of the time to read, widely, the previous threads. I am sure you have started already. I encourage you to read the entire thread of your interest or portions of several to your liking. You may respond to as many or as few threads as you like. I look forward to our exchanges. Don't worry; you don't have to agree with everybody. When you disagree, if it's all possible (not required), share a reference or two, why you disagree, and others who share your position (points of view). It will help enrich the conversation. 

    We can all learn from one another and together. We respect and appreciate divergent views. In most cases, opinions, quotes, and scholars' views are shared. References are welcome in your exchanges, tho not required. The Bible is the final authority. It is valid for all followers of Jesus Christ. The Christians in these forums are as diverse as Jesus' original disciples -- real-world people. Don't be offended by some posters' expressions that occasionally go beyond the "criticized Ideas and not people." Try to view them as the exception and not the rule.

    Feel free to ask any of us or Chairman Jan, Christian Debate's lead Administrator, questions on the usage in the open forum or by way of PM (Personal Messages). You are going to enjoy yourself and be enriched. If you're inclined to do so, share a bit about yourself or how you found us. We would greatly appreciate it. However, you're not under any obligation or compulsion to do so. We are just glad to have you on board. Be blessed and a blessing! CM

    PS. Invite a friend to come, look around, and share a few thoughts. CM

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