Cult Terms used by JW's (Jehovah's Witnesses)

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 What Terminology Is Used by Jehovah’s Witnesses?

  Disfellowshipping or Shunning

  Punishment for disobedience of Watchtower rules and regulations resulting in excommunication. Baptized members who are disfellowshipped are no longer allowed to talk with current members—including in most cases even family members.

  Faithful and Wise Servant (Matthew 24:45)

  Originally referring to Charles Taze Russell, now referring to the remnant of the 144,000 or “anointed class”/“Little Flock” including the “Governing Body” of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  Faithful and Discreet Slave

  Another term for the “Faithful and Wise Servant.”

  Great Crowd

  The great crowd are the non-anointed faithful, including those who survive Armageddon. These are also known as the “other sheep,” and they make up the vast majority of Jehovah’s Witnesses who will not live in heaven but hope to be able to inhabit the restored “Paradise Earth.”

  Governing Body

  A group of fewer than 25 men of the anointed class or “Faithful and Discreet Slave” who historically established the Watchtower’s policies and beliefs and direct its publications.


  The only true name for God. (The Trinity is considered a false doctrine.)

  Kingdom Hall

  The local meeting place where Jehovah’s Witnesses receive instruction.

  “Little Flock” Anointed Class Heavenly Class

  The elite group of 144,000 who will live in heaven and reign with Christ. This group is believed to be the Spiritual Israel as the prophecies of the Old and New Testaments are being fulfilled through them.

  Memorial Meal

  One large, annual meeting scheduled at Passover time (Nisan 14 of the Jewish calendar), which is the only time the Lord’s Supper is observed. Only the remnant of the 144,000 “anointed” can partake of the bread and wine—currently fewer than 9,000.

  The Society

  The informal name Jehovah’s Witnesses use for the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (WTBS), which is directed by the “Governing Body.”

  The Truth

  Knowledge available only to Jehovah’s Witnesses and learned only through The Watchtower.

  Spiritual Israel

  All of the 144,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Heavenly Class, which first began among Jesus’ disciples. That number was completed in the 1930s. The acting president announced that the enlightenment he received from Jehovah was that “other sheep” that were “not of this fold” would be candidates to inherit “Paradise Earth,” provided they remain faithful and “come to Jehovah’s organization for salvation.”

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    Trintarians deny the God and Father of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 1:3) But they preach Mary is the Mother of God. They celebrate the pagan holy day Eastre'. This is not CHRISTIAN,

    The Resurrection Day of Tammuz (Easter)

    by Rav Sha'ul


    Semiramis became known as the fertility goddess Ishtar. She took on many names in different cultures including Isis, Diana, Astarte, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Venus, and Easter. She was even identified with Mary as Mary was falsely deified and took on the titles “Mother of God” and “Queen of Heaven”.  Her son Tammuz took on many names as well such as Horus, Apollo, Sol, Krishna, Hercules, Mithra, and finally Jesus. The name Jesus H. Christ, in fact, originated by Constantine as Hesus Horus Krishna. “Hesus Horus Krishna” evolved into Jesus H. Christ over the years. All names of Tammuz put together for the son of the sungod and member of the Trinity worshipped on Sunday the day of his sungod. We will get to that in greater detail later in this book series.

    Semiramis instituted a holy day in her Babylonian religion in honor of the supposed “death/resurrection” of her son Tammuz. Below is a picture of the Semiramis and Tammuz, the “Modonna/Child” and “Mary/Jesus”…

    Notice the “child” in these images is not a baby but a small fully developed man. While protesting Catholics (called Protestants) deny worship of this pagan deity… they in deed contradict that denial in action as they openly do just that on Sunday, Christmas and Easter. 

    In the images above we see to the left the idol of Ishtar/Tammuz renamed Jesus/Mary. The idol of the Modonna/Child renamed Jesus/Mary. We see a painting of Jesus/Mary all the exact same Babylonian deities. We need to begin admitting the obvious truth; these idols were not renamed because the pagans now believed in Yahusha the Messiah. No, Tammuz and Ishtar/Semiramis simply had their names changed in the false religion of Christianity which is a carbon copy of The Mystery Religion of Babylon! 

    What we now call “halos” were nothing more than images of the Sun clearly demonstrating who these “paintings” were really representing. Not Yahusha but Tammuz. Not Miriam but Isthar/Semiramis.

    The real truth behind the “cross of Jesus” and the “halos” around Jesus and Mary is simple. Jesus is Tammuz and Mary is Ishtar, they were the renamed and became the latest versions of the Babylonian Madonna and Child. This is clearly depicted below in the bottom right image as we see the images of the Sungod behind them, the X of Tammuz (the cross of the equinox from The Zodiac) written on The Sun over “Jesus”, and the crown on the Queen of Heaven and “Tammuz” in the upper right image of Jesus/Mary.

    Their still remains idols in the Vatican of “Tammuz the great hunter” to this day… their (Christianity’s) REAL messiah they renamed Jesus or Hesus or Iesous or I.H.S. which means… Hail Zeus or Son of Zeus. 

    The picture below is Tammuz the Great Hunter idol in The Vatican.

    We still pass on images of Tammuz son of Semiramis today as Cupid, son of Venus. Still depicted as the “mighty hunter” complete with a bow and arrow!

    We still “hunt Ishtar eggs” in honor of Tammuz the Great Hunter on Ishtar’s day and eat ham in his honor. We just call it by its English name Easter but every ritual remains the same as in ancient Babylon. No longer do we keep Passover and eat Lamb as commanded by The Messiah (strengthening the Law of YHVH) as he kept Passover on the 14th of Abib (eve of Passover) just before he gave his body as The Passover Lamb. The last thing Yahusha said before dieing on Passover was… KEEP PASSOVER!

    Luke 22:19

    19 And when he had taken some bread and given thanks (on the eve of Passover), He broke it and gave it to them, saying, "This (Passover Dinner) is My body (Passover Lamb) which is given (sacrificed) for you; do this (keep Passover) in remembrance of Me."

    No… we now keep Ishtar and eat HAM!!! The most abominable “beast” in The Torah in honor Tammuz who was killed by a pig. The fact, that Jesus of the Christian Church is in reality the Babylonian Tammuz, reincarnated Nimrod son of Ba’al to this day is denied by Christianity as they have been given over by YHVH to believe a lie. They have literally fallen for Nimrod/Semiramis/Tammuz under another name as they became Isis/Horus/Seb or I.H.S the monogram for Hesus Horus Krishna all names for Tammuz. Hesus Horus Krishna eveolved into Jesus H. Christ in English. But in Latin it remains I.H.S. in the middle of Sol Invictus, the same “invincible Sun” worshipped from Nimrod to Constantine!

    This symbol of the sun with the pagan Babylonian Trinity of Isis Horus and Seb (I.H.S) with the elevated Cross of Tammuz. 

    IHS is the very monogram of Jesus H. Christ and carried around by the High Priest of Ba’al today with the cross of Tammuz blazoned on top in the center of the Sun:

    I will get into all of this in detail in this book series.


    Forty Days of Weeping for Tammuz: Lent & Ash Wednesday

    When Tammuz was forty years old, he was hunting in the woods and he was killed by a wild boar (a pig) that is why we eat “ham” on Easter/Ishtar Day even though it is against YHVH’s commandments to eat pig. He took after his father Nimrod in that he was a “mighty hunter.” After Tammuz died, his mother Semiramis began a custom in Babylon called “forty days of weeping for Tammuz” where people were commanded to fast and pray for Tammuz in the underworld. They exchanged one day of pleasure in this life for each year of Tammuz’s life.

    Today in the Roman Catholic Church this has been renamed “Lent.” These forty days of fasting from something would begin on what is called “Ash Wednesday” in the Catholic Church and many protestant Churches with the Cross of Tammuz being written in ash on the forehead of the “faithful”. The priest would take ashes and place a “mark” on our foreheads of a cross as he would recite a declaration about how we were “created from ashes and to ashes we shall return.” We were all told that when we celebrated Lent that we were commemorating the time when our Messiah fasted and prayed in the wilderness for “forty days and forty nights.”

    That is what I was made to believe that Lent was all about. But the truth of the matter is that our Messiah fasted and prayed during the “Forty Days of Repentance” leading up to Yom Kippur. It had NOTHING to do with “Lent” or Easter.

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    Why did so many JW's flee the cult in 1975?

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    The Cult of the trinty denies the blood of Christ.

    The Cult of the trinity also the denies the Baptism of Christ.

    Be sure to read @Truth posts that reject the Blood of Jesus Christ and how he rejects the Baptism in the Name Jesus Christ.

    Accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior can change your life for the Better. That means accepting the Bolood of Christ and accepting the Baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ.

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    The truth about Jehovah’s Witnesses

    The preaching work that Jesus Christ started two thousand years ago is now coming to its’ conclusion. Jesus sent his followers to go from house to house by twos. Jehovah's Witnesses share this good news at no cost to you as they are volunteers bearing the brunt of the expenses themselves. Why not ask for a Free Home Bible Study today or take an Online Bible Study Lesson

    ​Jehovah Witnesses are the only true Christians walking about the earth. The Last Days that began in 1914 are  now coming to their end. When Armageddon is about to begin, the son of man’s presence is finally revealed to  wicked mankind, and “all the peoples of the earth will have to see that Jehovah’s name has been called upon you  and they will indeed be afraid of you.” (Deuteronomy 28:10)

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